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Create top-quality unique content, from scratch, in minutes...Even if you know nothing about the topic!

Quickly generate HUNDREDS of unique articles using this revolutionary software. 90,575 Users Can't be Wrong

Wordflood - It was good software in it's day but it just can't compete with The Best Spinner & Instant Article Wizard.

If you have ever done any article marketing to promote your site or have had to rewrite plr content before then you will already know that trying to write or rewrite articles quickly is sometimes a pain especially if you don't know a great deal about your subject matter, or maybe you need to spin articles quickly to post to directories or blog networks, well, this is where article writing software comes to the rescue.

I'm going to show you some of the article writing software that I have used and still use today. I hope this will at least save you both time and money and give your article writing a boost.

So lets go over some of the different types of article writing software you may have seen......

There are quite a few different types of article writing software being promoted however I am only going to cover the software and services that I have actually used, if you are thinking of purchasing some software that isn't listed here, just shoot me an email and I will review the software or service for you, however at the time of writing this, there are only a couple of types of article rewriting software that stand head and shoulders above the rest as you will soon see.

The Best Spinner – Is This Article Writing Software the Key to Online Success?

If you've been looking for great content spinning software, there's a good chance that you've heard about The Best Spinner. This particular piece of article writing software has become the Gold Standard, by many of the most successful Internet marketers.

As you know, it takes a fair amount of high quality, unique content to succeed online. Most people simply can't afford the time and money requirements it takes to keep websites and article directories fueled with the unique content needed to succeed.

The Best Spinner is article writing software that promises to make it simple to take existing content and spin it into dozens, or hundreds, of unique copies to help you attract more traffic and make more online sales.

We put The Best Spinner to the test and see if it really is all that it's made out to be by so many Internet marketers. We wanted to see if this article writing software stood up in 3 key areas:

Ease of Use

How Much Does this Software Cost?

OK, we all know that quality products simply don't come cheap. That being said, though, The Best Spinner is a surprisingly affordable content spinning solution. You see The Best Spinner is more than just a simple piece of software.

Yes, you do get some software and services and work with it to spin your articles, but you pay a monthly fee that keeps your article writing software up-to-date and on the cutting edge of article spinning technology.

The makers of The Best Spinner are constantly updating the built-in thesaurus and other built-in technology to make sure that you get the unique, natural-reading variations of your content. For $7 for the first month, and $77 a year (NO monthly fees!), you get total access to this article writing software solution.

Try hiring a writer to spin unlimited articles for $77 and you wouldn't make it past the first week. But with The Best Spinner, that price buys you unlimited access and updates to all the spun articles you could ever want to churn out.

Ease of Use

How easy a piece of article writing software is to use, is of the utmost importance. If it's too hard to use software, you simply don't end up getting your money's worth out of it. The good news is - The Best Spinner is completely intuitive and simple to use, rich with many features.

Spinning sections of your content is a matter of basically highlighting words and choosing from a massive list of suitable synonyms. There is even a built-in ranking system that lets you easily choose the most effective synonyms for your articles. When it comes to simplicity, The Best Spinner really is the best spinning software available.

Does Article Writing Software Work?

We all want to know whether or not an article writing software really works before we invest in it. So, does The Best Spinner deliver what it promises? Yes. The Best Spinner will generate as many variations on your original content as you want.

Of course, you do have to input some data to get the most unique spins possible, but working with this software is so easy, that you're input is minimal and very easy to accomplish. Bottom line – The Best Spinner does exactly what it's supposed to do.

If you're ready to start cranking out tons of unique content, The Best Spinner could very well end up being the most powerful weapon in your IM software arsenal. We recommend The Best Spinner to anyone who is finally ready to start reaping the benefits of their online marketing efforts.

Instant Article Wizard Review – Do You Really Need This Software?

Article writing software aimed at making Internet marketers more successful is all over the place these days. One title that keeps coming up, over and over again, is Instant Article Wizard. This particular piece of article writing software is supposedly designed to make it easier to generate fresh, unique content.

As you know, marketing online calls for unique content – a lot of it! If you hope to make any money at all online, you had better be prepared to get plenty of fresh content on the article directories, in your blog postings and on your website.

We decided to take a look at Instant Article Wizard to see if it really does make it easier to get more good content published online.

Article Writing Software Must-Haves

In our opinion, there are some key features that every piece of article writing software has to possess in order to be worth your time and money. We decided to see if this article writing software measured up in 3 key categories:

  • Ease of use. If Instant Article Wizard is going to be used to help you create online profits, it has to be simple to use. Otherwise, it will end up on your hard drive collecting virtual dust.
  • Speed. Good software should do what it does quickly. We've all used applications that are slow as molasses, and we usually end up not using them after just a few go-arounds.
  • Results. The bottom line with any software is if it does what it says it will do. We wanted to make sure, above everything else, that Instant Article Wizard actually produced good, legible, unique articles.

Easy to use Software

It takes a lot of work to make a piece of article writing software that's truly user-friendly, but the folks behind IAW seem to have done their homework. This article writing software is very simple to use. It's really just a matter of putting in a few keywords for your topic, and hitting the “Research” button, to put Instant Article Wizard to work. After that, you can easily comb through the results, pick the good stuff and copy it over for rewriting.

Instant Article Wizard is Fast!

A typical research query using Instant Article Wizard typically takes less than a minute. And what you get in return for that minute is pretty darned amazing. IAW returns hundreds of titles, sentences and paragraphs focused on your keywords. You can easily discern common themes and lay your article writing out for fast results.

This software is very good value for money, and you can produce articles pretty quickly, however I find that it's best for research as you still need to rewrite the article a bit so it's unique. Of course you can get the software to find the content to craft an article and then just paste the article straight into The Best Spinner to create a unique article quickly.

It Delivers Results

Here we are... the bottom line – Does Instant Article Wizard deliver the goods? We're happy to report that it does. Look, no software can completely write your articles for you. It takes a human touch to make articles clear, inviting and legible.

But IAW does remove 75% of the research and organization work associated with article writing. For our money, that makes Instant Article Wizard article writing software that’s easily worth twice the price that it costs.

If you're serious about online marketing success, you need tons of great content. Instant Article Wizard is the article writing software of choice for marketers who are serious about getting maximum quality content in the minimum amount of time. We highly recommend this software to all of our readers.

Wordflood Review - Quick, But Not That Quick!

If you're anything like me, then you will find rewriting PLR articles a major pain in the butt, but I found Wordflood to be a major time saver back before the days of TheBestSpinner.

I pretty much used Worflood everyday a few years ago, and at the time it sure was a time saver and excellent value for money, however, it's time to move on as TheBestSpinner can do what Wordflood can do in a heatbeat and then some!

Having said that, if you only need to rewrite very small amounts of text every now and then it may be OK for your needs as you can just paste your article straight into Wordflood and it will show you all the synonyms and related words, all you have to do is click on the word or phrase you want to rewrite and it will replace it in an instant.

Wordflood has around 140,000 words in it's database and you can easily add your own if needed. The software also shows you your keyword density, word count and the percentage that you have rewritten your article.

Wordflood isn't the most expensive article writing software on the market at just under $50, but you would be ALOT better off with TheBestSpinner as it is far more upto date and you will be able to rewrite articles alot quicker.

You can see wordflood rewriting an article in the video below:-

As you can see Wordflood isn't the best article writing software tool around for your creative writing, your money is best spent elsewhere.

Article Writing Software Comparison - Our Final Verdit...

We have reviewed 3 of the best software and the specifications for rewriting and writing articles and there is no doubt in our minds that The Best Spinner is in a league of it's own for rewritng articles, whereas Instant Article Wizard is great for creating articles and research especially if you know very little about the subject you are writing about.

Wordflood was fantastic in it's day, however The Best Spinner can do exactly the same but has alot more other features and given that there isn't a great deal in price it's a no-brainer.

The most powerful tool I have ever used...

I work in Mexico City and as a web designer this the best tool I have ever used because it helps me to have better contents in my texts and it is also very useful with articles in Spanish.

If you handle a lot of web pages from your customers or from yourself it is really the best program that you cand find.

I do really recomend it.

Cesar Carsolio

"It's called the the BEST spinner for a reason!

I have to say TBS is one of the best tools out there and it was the best $47 that I've ever spent!

I use TBS on a daily basis and I don't know what I would do without it, it's easy, fast and so simple to use, I would recommend it to anyone!

The best spinner allows you to do automated and manual spinning and that's why I love it, anyway better go I've got some more article spinning to do!

Daniel Westrop

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